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Replacing your old windows is something will completely transform your home. Not only will it look fabulous and have added a great deal of value to it, but because our windows are made only from the highest quality materials your home will be quieter, warmer and more comfortable.

Leaded Windows in Brentwood

Whether you choose Square, Diamond, Queen Anne or any of our leaded styles, your windows will look superb and compliment your home perfectly. Leaded windows can add a touch of class to your property which not only look amazing, but adds value too. Leading options can be added to any of our standard casement windows. Say farewell to your draughty old windows and make the right choice with our high quality leaded range.

Please call Brentwood 01277 263355 or click here to make an appointment with one of our advisors.

For individual taste and decorative designs, leaded units offer a vast choice of designs. Each design is either from an original design, or drawn from the vast range of styles already available.

Choice of Leaded Design

Available in standard silver lead, pre-aged, different coloured lead and a variety of thicknesses; the choice is huge.

Our design team will layout your windows on a computer to ensure all lead patterns line through and then advise you of the best looking layout. We can also send this layout to you prior to manufacture to ensure you are happy with the design.

Natural, Platinum, Antique and Brass are high performance self adhesive lead strips. The products are designed for permanent application to decorative interior or exterior glass surfaces in both single and double glazed units.