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We are suppliers of Sarnafil flat roofing solution, a waterproof membrane as used on well known buildings from the 2002 Winter Olympic Stadium in Salt Lake City, the Emirates Stadium in London, Stansted Airport to Ludley Fire Station. We also supply and fit maintenance free fascias, soffits and guttering.

Flat Roofs in Brentwood, Essex


Sarnafil is The nationwide flat roofing solution for the homeowner. Because we know that your home is as important as your business.


You will find Sarnafil in well known places; from the 2002 Winter Olympic Stadium in Salt Lake City, the Emirates Stadium in London, Stansted Airport Passenger Terminal and the Baltic Centre in Gateshead to Lesser known places such as Ludley Fire Station.

Sarnafil is suitable for any flat roofing, from your home, to Airports, to the Eden Project.


A typical traditionally constructed flat roof will consist of stone chippings spread onto roof felt that covers existing roof decking which a plasterboard ceiling is then attached to.

This is all that separates you and your possessions from the elements. Roofing felt is weakened over time with UV exposure. By contrast, the Sarnafil system consists of a Sarnafil (S327-EL) waterproofing membrane, Sarnafelt Type T separation layer, the original felt waterproofing, and the existing roof decking.

The components of a Sarnafil roof are:

  • Stabilised PVC membrane - engineered to form a stable waterproof covering that is unaffected by expansion and contraction, thus leaving it protected against solar rays and British weather. It is also vapour permeable to prevent blistering.
  • Secura-fix installation - the membrane is secured to the roof structure for maximum protection from wind uplift, guaranteed.
  • Fusion-welded joints - all laps, joints and details are permanently welded for maximum strength. With Sarnafil there are no weak areas to the protection on your roof, Sarnafil is effective even around pipes.
  • Sarnaplast prime-seal upstand - with steel reinforced details and a unique seal, Sarnafil can cope even with building movement and guarantess a waterproof wall joint. The wall joint will NOT crack or fall out as with traditional mortar, lead or sealant.
  • Sarnametal steel reinforced edge trims - mechanically fixed to form a solid steel resistant roof edging. The Sarnafil pvc membrane is fusion-welded to the sarnametal trim to permanently seal the roof edge.

Unlike older methods (such as roofing felt) traditionally used in flat roofing which can leak at the joins and become loose with wind, Sarnafil uses a five point system to ensure that you get the best protection and a maintenance free roof - leaving you with more time to do the things that really matter.

For peace of mind be Sarnafil roof assured.

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