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How To Clean Your Double Glazed Windows

How To Clean Your Double Glazed Windows

25th August 2020

Double glazed windows are definitely a worthwhile investment. They improve the heating efficiency of your home, improving comfort and save you money on your heating bills long-term. Therefore, it is important to make sure your windows last years, protecting them against the outside elements as well as general wear and tear. Here are some top tips on keeping your double-glazed windows in perfect condition:

Before you begin, it would be useful to have the following: A soft cloth, a non-abrasive cleaner (or warm soapy water), a vacuum cleaner with dust attachment, and some PVC or uPVC cream.

Ensure you choose a soft cloth, as an abrasive one or brush can cause scratches to the surface of the glass.

Soak a cloth in a non-abrasive cleaner or warm soapy water, adding a cup of white vinegar to get a streak-free finish.

Remove any debris to avoid scratching the glass before you start to clean.

Using a vacuum cleaner with a dust attachment on your window frames can be a very effective method of cleaning them.

A PVC solvent or uPVC cream can be very effective in tackling the tougher, more the stubborn stains.

Ensure that any cleaning products you are using are suitable for windows. This will prevent damage to the seals of your windows which will compromise your double-glazing.

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