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Cowboy Fitters And How To Avoid Them

Cowboy Fitters And How To Avoid Them

25th August 2020

The Situation

Having new doors, windows or even a conservatory fitted is an exciting and wonderful thing for any home, but how do you know you can fully trust the people fitting them? We have all heard the horror stories of bodge jobs by cowboys, leaving a home in a state and costing a lot to put right. So how do we know the job will be done correctly? Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that the minority spoil it for the rest. Most companies put customer satisfaction first and do things professionally and by the book, but there are a number of companies and sole traders that are very dodgy indeed. These people may appear trustworthy, present themselves well and have the gift of the gab, but that doesn’t mean they will live up to expectations.

Tips To Avoid Cowboys

Ask For Examples Of Completed Work – It’s all well and good having the company show you a shiny picture of completed work, but wouldn’t seeing the real thing be better? Ask if there are any local properties that they have recently worked on that you could have a look at.

Ask For references – Ask friends, family and neighbours if they have recently had any work completed and if so do they have any recommendations. Word of mouth is better than any other review. You could also turn to social media as this is a great place for people to share their experiences with a particular company.

Research Them – Websites such as 192.com and Cowboys stoppers are useful if you want to do your homework on a company. You can find out if they have any CCJS, overly cheap or VAT deals (cowboys will often offer these), unrealistic promises and timeframes, unprofessional actions such as putting down the opposition and much more.

Are They Accredited? – It is always a good idea for peace of mind to check if the company are accredited by any industry standards or professional bodies.

The bottom line is that you can never be armed with too much information. If you find a company with a solid track record that has recommendations and a professional history than you are likely to be very happy with the work they carry out on your home.