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All You Need To Know About Fitting Windows To Listed Buildings

All You Need To Know About Fitting Windows To Listed Buildings

11th July 2017

All You Need To Know About Fitting Windows To Listed Buildings

If a building has a listed status it is of special historical, cultural or architectural significance. These listed buildings are usually immune to being altered or knocked down due to their status and are to be preserved as near to their original form as possible.

There are three grades or listed states for buildings:

Grade I – Exceptional importance

Grade II – Particular importance

Grade III – Special interest

Modernisation Of A Listed Building

Although your options may be more limited than with a regular building, there are still ways of modernising windows of these buildings, improving noise reduction and efficiency.

The local council protect all listed buildings in that area. You will need planning approval to perform any work on the building even if you are the owner. Councils want to see improved energy efficiency and therefore are not usually against improvements being made to doors and windows. The key thing is to ensure you limit the impact to the original building state as much as possible. This means hiring experts to do the job correctly.

The first step is to have a clear design plan for the new windows. The size and shape will need to be suitable. The council will want to know your plans including intended materials to be used. Colour is also an important part of the design. At Alpine we can draw these designs up for you, ensuring it matches the original frames while providing the required benefits of modern glazing.

Once you have consent for the work to be carried out then an installation date can be arranged. The aim is to replace the windows while making as little mess or cause for redecoration as possible. The building will not be damaged or changed in any way other than the improved windows.

You should never be tempted to replace windows on a listed building without permission as this could lead to prosecution and selling a listed property with unauthorised windows is not possible.

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