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uPVC – All You Need To Know

uPVC – All You Need To Know

10th April 2017

uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) or in the US, vinyl, is now widely used for property features and enhancements such as weatherboarding, guttering, fascias, downpipes and most commonly, window frames. However, just 100 years ago uPVC was not heard of as a material for building at all. UPVC is not only versatile but it is very cost-effective and helps manufacturers produce low maintenance, affordable products for the mass market.

It took over 100 years to discover a commercial use for uPVC and it was only in the 1960s that is was put to use in manufacturing and used to make window frames.

uPVC Windows – The Benefits

uPVC is made from a combination of chemicals and plastics that make it strong, rigid, versatile and durable, which means it is perfect for use in things such as window frames. The light weight material can cope with a range of temperatures and weather types. The strength and durability of these windows means they are perfect for ever changing climates such as that of the UK. The material has been designed specially to provide the quality needed by homeowners. This provides sound insulation, thermal efficiency and affordability. UPVC window frames do not transfer heat like metal ones do meaning they give a more consistent temperature fro your home. These windows are easy to maintain as they just need the occasional clean unlike, say timber windows that may require regular treatment. UPVC windows often get an energy rating of 'A' which means having these can help save money on utility bills and decrease your carbon foot print.

So in summary, uPVC is strong, durable, affordable, practical, good quality, long lasting, energy efficient and low maintenance. Its give a fresh, clean and modern appearance to any home and can be supplied in a vast range of styles and finishes to suit your needs. The clear choice for your property features.

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