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What To Look For In An Exterior Door

What To Look For In An Exterior Door

10th April 2018

The front door is one of the very first things people will notice about a home, so if you are considering purchasing a new exterior door there are a few things you need to consider. Here is a list of things you should think about before making your purchase.

Material - Most doors are available in two different materials - wood and metal.

Metal - these doors are very durable and easier to maintain. They offer a layer of insulation inside and can be painted any colour to match the current design of your home. Ensure you pay attention to the thickness and quality of the metal when you make your purchase.

Wood - these doors come in a variety of colours, and typically do not need a layer of insulation. They are however slightly harder to maintain than metal doors.

Design - Probably one of the first things you will consider is how the design of a new door will fit in with the design of your home. You should put a fair amount of consideration into the design of your home as well as the colour of your home's exterior before making any purchase. There are many designs, styles and finishes to consider, and it is important this fits in with the overall look of your home - you do not want a contemporary door on a house that has a rustic theme. Things like colour can be corrected after purchase but it is always easier, and will no doubt save you time, to make sure everything is as you want it before buying your new door.

Features - You should think carefully about any features your new exterior door must have before choosing one. If you want windows, is it one big one, several small ones, decorative ones etc. When it comes to design features, this can quite often be determined by the amount you have to spend, so it would be advisable to figure out your budget before choosing your door. You may discover you have to forgo certain design features in exchange for affordability.

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