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Home Improvements For The Winter

Home Improvements For The Winter

8th November 2017

As winter is now upon us, it is vital to keep our homes as warm and comfortable as possible, and preparation is key. Your home is where you can be yourself, be happy and relaxed and once that door is close the weather can stay outside! Here are a few ways to help keep your home enjoyable, as well as cutting energy consumption, during those winter months.

Windows - A very large percentage of heat loss in homes happens through the windows. This makes money spent on double - or even triple - glazing a very wise investment. This can be a fair bit of work, so is best done in the warmer months in preparation for the following winter. Be sure to get recommendations from friends and read reviews of companies, that way you can feel confident you are getting a good and affordable service.

Walls - It is a good idea to ensure you have the right insulation before winter kicks in. Most homes have problem areas where insulation has eroded over time, or even didn't exist in the first place. These areas can be located with an infra-red thermometer and dealt with accordingly. Some may be in harder to reach areas, so be prepared for some cleaning up afterwards.

Gaps In Insulation - Any areas where something passes through a wall, such as pipes or cables, are possible areas of weakened insulation. This problem must be fixed quickly to prevent your home from losing heat. Most issues can be rectified using expanding foam, although as this is flammable, it is best avoided near a gas source. And remember to be careful when applying the foam - it is quite unpleasant to clean.

Follow these tips and enjoy a warm and cosy winter at home.

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