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Do You Need Planning Permission For a Conservatory?

Do You Need Planning Permission For a Conservatory?

9th October 2017

It's a very common concern - is planning permission needed for a conservatory? And in most cases, the answer to that question is no.

At The Side Of The House - Conservatories built at the side of your property are allowed to be a maximum of four meters high and up to half the width of the 'original' house. By 'original' house, this means the footprint of the house when it was built, or as it stood in 1948 for older homes. If there is already an existing extension, you should seek advice from your local planning authority. As long as you do not live in a conservation area, national park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it will be considered a 'permitted development'.

At The Rear Of The House - Again, conservatories at the rear of your property will not require planning permission as long as they are within certain limits - a maximum of four metres high and do not extended beyond the rear wall of the 'original' house by more than three metres in an attached property, and four metres in an detached one.

Larger Conservatories At The Rear Of The House - Guidelines are fixed for those who live in a conservation area, national park, or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. But home owners in other situations may be able to extend their build further without the need for planning permission.

You must submit a plan and description to the local planning authority before you build. They will ask your neighbours if they have any objections. Unlike planning permission, this is a free service and will only take a few weeks

Building Regulations - Conservatories are usually exempt, as long as they have independent heating systems, are separate from the house by external doors and walls, and have a floor area of less than 30 square metres. You will need building regulations approval for any new structural opening between the existing house and the conservatory.

It is always sensible to check whether building regulations approval is needed before you begin your build.

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