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How to Add Value to Your Home

How to Add Value to Your Home

25th August 2020

Adding value to your property can be a difficult task. Projects can be expensive, and not necessarily provide the return one would hope for.

Renovations in the right area, however, can greatly increase the value of your home. Here are the areas to look at if you REALLY want to see a return on that investment:

Replace the windows

First impressions count, and improving the exterior can instantly add value to your property. Getting the look of the windows to match the rest of the house is vital.

Don’t forget about the garden!

Gardens are often high up on the potential buyer's priority list, so ensuring it is well groomed is important. Decking, having well maintained plants, clearing any debris, will all improve the look of your garden. It also counts to make the garden visible from the house, so consider installing some glass doors.


Whether it's natural or electric, lighting can make all the difference. Skylights are a great way to add natural light to a room and prevent the 'dingy' look, and increasing the wattage of your bulbs will also give your home a brighter feel

The kitchen counts!

Renovating the kitchen typically adds around 5% onto the value of your property - so make sure you keep track of what you're spending - but new work tops, cupboards, and general decoration will greatly improve the look and feel of any kitchen. As one of the biggest selling points for buyers, a little work in the kitchen can go a long way!

Convert the loft

The easiest way to add an extra bathroom or bedroom to your home, it's no surprises that extending into the loft is considered one of the most profitable projects you could undertake. Although costly, it will be worth it when you see the increased value of your home

Modernise your floor!

Replacing worn old carpets with hard wood flooring can greatly improve the look of any home. It's not difficult to find flooring at a reasonable price and will really modernise the feel of the place.

So remember, don't overspend, and renovate to a standard you would be happy to live in.

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