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When Is It Time To Invest In New Windows?

When Is It Time To Invest In New Windows?

25th August 2020 | Amanda

Let's face it, when excess cash is available windows are not the most exciting or obvious choice to spend it on. It is easy to spend money on more immediately rewarding items and put off the windows for another year. The issue with this is that one year will turn into three or even five years and the window upgrade gets pushed to the bottom of the list, taking something quite severe like a breakage or even a burglary before they get the attention that is required. Ideally, homeowners should view window maintenance and upgrades as an essential part of the home's safety and features. They are a long term and very worth while investment. If you choose the correct windows and have them fitted well they could last decades.

Here are the signs that you need to take the step towards new windows:

  • Condensation Comes Through Between The Glass – Condensation between glass panels is a sure sign that your windows are no longer efficient. Condensation can also make the windows appear dirty and old.
  • The Frame Is Showing Signs Of Rotting – This is not only an unattractive site in your home but it is also a security issue. Rot is a sign of damage and this makes it easier for an intruder to break in.
  • The Plastic Is Peeling Or Of Coloured – This is not a fixable problem and again will bring an unwelcome, unattractive appearance to your home.
  • The Window Is Not Securely Fitted In The Frame – This is a big issue for two reasons. An ill fitting window can make your home an easy target if spotted by potential intruders. Also, having air get in through the gaps makes keeping your home warm a difficult task and a costly one. A cold breeze can cause discomfort and is generally an unpleasant problem.
  • Your Home Is In Need Of An Upgrade – Whether you are looking to improve your existing home or moving into a new property, sometimes improvements need to be made, even if just to fit in with the new look of a home

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